Vibravoid - "Delirio Dei Sensi" LP

Vibravoid - "Delirio Dei Sensi" LP

It does not surprise that VIBRAVOID recorded so quickly their 7th studio album "Delirio Dei Sensi" (it means delirium of senses) during their latest Italian tour, in just 2 days!
Beside some milestones of the 1960's, this album includes also brand new and self-penned compositions, that rival the great era of pop-music.
Loaded with 1986 underground hit "Colour Your Mind" by Australian neo-psychedelic heroes Tyrnaround, the Vibravoid even enter new territories, indeed for the first time they play a song from the age of the "neon-tube".
Especially this shows the group's musical understanding. This song could have been a big hit in 1967… easily! Vibravoid do not even fear the French chanson and present a fuzzed up version of "Poupée De Cire", now we know why visionary Napoleon chose Düsseldorf as residency!
Deeply rooted in the typical sound of psychedelic-rock and into their hometown, this album sounds so refreshing.
One can say that Vibravoid remember Syd's Pink Floyd, or MC5, or The Seeds, or NEU!, or Kraftwerk, but their typical and individual sound is always on top. Psychedelic blueprints like "The Empty Sky" and "The Golden Esacalator" have never been presented like this, since the 1960s.
"Listen, Can't You Hear?" could easily be confused with a great lost track of the early Doors. Recorded at Go Down Studio in Italy, entirely with VOX equipment, Vibravoid deliver the psychedelic-pop and acid-rock album of 2013.

Turn on, tune in and drop out…