The Connie Capri Organ Chamber Orchestra - "Emotion/Repetition" (LP)

The Connie Capri Organ Chamber Orchestra - "Emotion/Repetition" (LP)

wildly-underrated Italian album from 2008, it lies somewhere twixt kraut-rock and Terry Riley's Rainbow in Curved Air. One could mention here Eroc Dolphy and Delia Derbyshire to lend avantgarde kudos...
Who is Connie (= Conrad?Constance?) Capri? Where does he/she come from? Nobody knows, nobody really cares… Only known trace on record is supposed to be a joint effort (under a different name) with an english band on a compilation CD. So there. Part of the reasons for the existence of this LP is in the title, Emotion/Repetition. CC has surely learned a lesson or two from the last century’s minimalists, above all Terry Riley and his A Rainbow in Curved Air. But, being an emotionally unstable person, and unable to sustain the attention necessary for composing and (above all) playing serial clusters, CC prefers improvising such clusters, during emotional performances which, one could say, have a jazz-like appeal.

Emotion/Repetition: emotional minimalism, one could also say. The various layers of organ improvisation are laid onto a rhythmic bed which has a different atmosphere from track to track.
The whole scene might bring to mind:
1) Eric Dolphy in kraut sauce,
2) the above-mentioned Terry Riley, in love and (musically) stuttering
3) Delia Derbyshire goes out naked at night, jumping around in the park.

And so on, and so forth. Finally, word has spread that Connie has caught the ‘audiophilia’ virus, but only after the final mixing of the record.

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