Frana - "Awkwardwards" LP

 Frana - "Awkwardwards" LP

This record is out thanks to Antena Krzyku, Vollmer Industries, Brigante Records and Productions, Entes Anomicos, Hidden Hands Records, Violet DAM and Oh! Dear Records. Available on 12" vinyl from April 20!

Recorded by Fabio Intraina and Mauro Maccarini, and mixed by Fabio Intraina at Trai Studio in Inzago, Italy in December 2017. Mastered by Fabio Giannotti at NEWMASTERING Studio in Milano, Italy in February 2017.

Frana on Awkwardwards are Luca (guitar, vocals), Francesco B. (guitar), Francesco S. (bass) and Fulvio (drums). All songs written and played by Frana. All lyrics by Luca Tadini.

Cover artwork by Silvia Sicks (
Nearly all gears used to play this record were tweaked by Ivan - My Dad Is Iggy (