Filth in my Garage - "12.21.12" LP

Filth in my Garage - "12.21.12" LP

Is our new project, a mixture of post rock and hardcore, a post-noise psychedelic cavalcade.
There was no accident in the choice of numbers for the title of the work, as they represent the date of world’s end (as many people believes), as the construction of this EP place itself into a symbolic end of an era for the band itself, coming to a rebirth.
This entwines with the basis concept of tracks: FUTURE, PAST, PRESENT, where the chronological order seems to be run out of time: the world left alone in the imaginary of a darkened future, an oblivious past not able to enlighten us improving the present situation, the only thing that really exist.
In lyrics are exposed universal concepts in a very personal and intimate way and music accompany the listener through hurricanes and apparent quietness, with guitar interweaves and a screaming voice creating a hard and touchable sound that often tends toward melody, to end in a pressing crescendo that let figure positive implications, trying not to forget self responsibility and its fundamental role for humanity.
In a word to find again a spiritual, further rational, key to understand a reality whom changing (any kind of), happens for a specific and inherently positive evolutionary aim, also in the case of humankind’s end or earth life’s end.
These events, in the eyes of us, could appear tragic for our impossibility of understanding various readings of evolution and life concept, two very humanizing constructs. Understanding the positive value of apparently negative changes requires a negation of human constructs whom we commit the validity of our terrestrial operate, a consciousness rising that close us in stars more than any building, more than any religion.

Also if the ship is sinking and the stormy sky is leading us to the deepest abyss, in that moment of folly, looking up there will always be stars, shining on their desperate glowing.