Arto - "Fantasma" LP

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Arto - "Fantasma" LP

Recorded by Andrea Rovacchi and Bruno Germano at Vacuum Studio, Bologna.
Mixed by Bruno Germano at Vacuum Studio.
Mastered by Carl Saff at Saff Mastering, Chicago.
Produced by Bruno Germano and ARTO.
Music written by Luca Cavina except On Suicide (music by Hanns Eisler, lyrics by Bertold Brecht).
Music arranged by Luca Cavina and ARTO.
Vocals on On Suicide by IOSONOUNCANE.
Strings on On Suicide and AibohphobiA by Dimitri Sillato and Giuseppe Franchellucci.
Vibraphone on Ghost Limbo by Sebastiano De Gennaro.
Artwork concept by ARTO.
Artwork layout by Gabriel Marzi and Mali Yea.

ARTO are:
Luca Cavina: bass, piano, rhodes, farfisa
Bruno Germano: left-handed guitar
Simone Cavina: drums
Cristian Naldi: left-handed guitar

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